Friday, June 1, 2012

What's Up - DOC?

It's funny that I just read this, because I just had experience with google suite. My friend wanted to collect information for his wedding invitations and he actually did it through GOOGLE FORMS. It's almost like survey monkey, but the form comes directly to ones email. It's pretty neat. Meanwhile, he gets a nice spreadsheet that he can easily mail merge on to labels that can go on invites. I thought it was the most proficient way to do something :)

My problem with google forms is that most computers are done on Microsoft Word, and I find myself uploading it into a Google DOC, and formatting is not up to the same level so it ends altering the document.

I work a lot with this last year when I was a School Operations Manager, and I had to take attendance. I uploaded absent students, while other teachers from different school did the same thing. It's almost like a poor-man's creation of an APP.

Also, we are using a YAHOO app in my Triathlon training group to track what triathlons everyone is running. I find it useful to see one document versus asking everyone if they are doing a specific triathlon.

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