Saturday, May 19, 2012

VID/PICS - Sites for sore eyes

One of my favorite things to use is Youtube. I have used it several times, and I have downloaded them to my computer using a program that extracts the video from the web, because Youtube is blocked, but I just learned that there is a program that allows one to eliminate the advertisement distractions, and one can use a program to crop the video.

I do use FLICKR to archive my own personal photos. I have downloaded the quick and easy uploader. I have had it for several years now.

I was introduced to Dropbox to help share large scale files. I just got a MAC. Is "The Cloud" the same thing?

I'm eager to learn how applets work in all of this.

Look at these students "Rolling their Numbers":

and this Multiplication Rap!!!

Teachers are saved with copyright laws if the reason is to benefit the progression of society.


  1. Thanks for the link to the Tube Chop! It's great to be able to "chop" some of the videos I find for time's sake. Wonderful job on your blog. You have included some great links that I will definitely be exploring in the coming days!