Thursday, June 7, 2012

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I would like to bring up the issue of cyber bullying, plagiarizing, and computer viruses. Cyber bully has become so dominant in the defacing of young individuals, and there needs to be someone talking about the legal and social/emotional implications that this type of bullying has upon someone. The internet is now an arena for people to watch bullying. It will NOT be tolerate d under my watch. Plagiarizing is not allowing the author to have the credit they deserve. It's important for us to work hard on our own work. Computer viruses are contracted by surfing on websites that really are not secure.

I would plan to use BrainPOP. They have a lot of good videos.

I would teach the idea of digital citizenship to my students by having "Real Talks" with them where I create an analogy of the situation, and I will also provide examples.

I think empowering the students to talk to the parents is a really neat idea. As a homework assignment, I could talk to the students about talking to the parents.

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  1. We use a lot of BrainPop videos in our classes as well and they are great. The students really like them and they are used to watching them in elementary also. Bringing technology in the classroom is a great way to keep our students engaged and be more confident in their learning with a tool they are masters at.