Monday, September 22, 2014

Pythagorean Theorem

Why do we need Pythagorean Theorem?
(Don't solve the problems...just study them.)

Example #1:
A firefighter sets a 13 foot ladder against a building with the bottom of the ladder being 5 feet away from the base. How high can the ladder reach reach up the wall when the ladder is 5 feet away from the base?

(We would use Pythagorean Theorem to help us.)

Example #2:

Everyday, a person has to go 6 miles south and 8 miles east to get from town A to town B. The city council has proposed a bridge that will help shorten  the commute from town a to town b. How much shorter is the bridge going to make it?

(We would use Pythagorean Theorem to help us.)

Example #3:
In major league baseball the bases are 90 ft way from each other. If a ball is thrown from 1st base to 3rd base, how far will it go?

(We would use pythagorean theorem to help us out.)

Task 1: "What is Pythagorean Theorem?"

Watch this video to show you what pythagorean theorem is:

Look at these picture to try to understand what pythagorean theorem is:

What is YOUR DEFINITION of Pythagorean Theorem?

Task 2: "RULES: Pythagorean theorem"

Rule #1: Pythagorean theorem works only for RIGHT TRIANGLES! Sorry acute and obtuse ;(

Rule #2: The hypotenuse (HI - PA - TEN - NEWS) is the largest side and is across from the RIGHT ANGLE.

Rule #3: A + B does not equal C. The area of A + the area of B = Area of C.

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