Wednesday, November 7, 2012

5.3C Division


Division in Word Problems

Division in Word Problems (Part 2)

Are you ready for the Quiz? Try These.
You might want to work these out in your notebook.

1) John has 345 ounces of water. He puts the water into cups that each hold 8 ounces of water.

How many cups does he need to hold the water? 
(44 cups; you have to interpret the remainder so you don't leave any water behind)

How much water remains? 
(1 ounce)

How many cups are full?
(43 cups)

2) Lily has 723 inches of ribbon. Each craft she is making requires 10 inches of ribbon.

How many craft projects can she make?
(She can make 72 complete projects. You do NOT have to interpret the remainder, because I cannot use the left over ribbon to make another craft)

How much ribbon is left over?
(3 inches)

3) There are 137 students at Kyle's school. He decides to make cupcakes for every student. He can make 12 cupcakes with one pan.

How many pans does Kyle need to make the cupcakes for the students?
(12 pans are need; you have to interpret the remainder so you don't forget anyone)

4) It cost $250 for a new PS3 gaming system. Waldo gets an allowance of $20 a week. 

How many weeks does Waldo have to save in order to buy a PS3?
(He has to save for 13 weeks; you have to interpret the remainder because he won't have enough money after 12 weeks)

5) The 5 elephants at the zoo eat 740 pounds of food. 

How much does each elephant eat if they all get the same amount of food?
(148 pounds of food for each elephant)

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